OpenIDEO Higher Education Challenge



Interview the potential user and relevant, analyze the brainstorming idea by card sorting, create two user personas, create the final prototype video using Adobe AfterEffects.



OpenIDEO is a global community working together to design solutions for the worlds biggest challenges. The "Higher Ed Challenge", founded by CBS, is aimed to find a solution for students from low-income families to go to college and attain a bachelor's degree. We work as a team of four, implementing the design thinking to our research to solve their problem: "How might we re-imagine the cost of college in the U.S. and how it's paid for?"


Adobe PhotoShop, Sketch, Adobe AfterEffect, Rapid Prototype Tools


Solution plan, visual prototype



Our final solution has been selected as the top 25 ideas that enter to the final feedback. This solution is a system that school and company work together, provide financial support for student and require student work in their company after graduation. To read more details about our solution, you can check here or watch our prototype video. 

Click here to see more details about our solution.